ExpertMaker Unveils AI Search Tool beta

ExpertMaker, which provides a new generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) search and recommendation tools, has announced its Beta launch at DEMO Fall 2010, one of the world’s premier stages for new technologies. The only Swedish company to be selected for DEMO, ExpertMaker’s beta program is available today to developers across the globe from the ExpertMaker website.

ExpertMaker started out with a mission to make AI technology available for the masses. Today, ExpertMaker is ilaunching a desktop tool for handling all kinds of complex problems, such as human-like recommendations, smart advice and diagnosis. This creates opportunities for things as diverse as personalized product advice, recommending holiday destinations, discovering a new app or even diagnosing an illness.

The tools do not require any programming skills, so they enable anyone to build their own micro-search engine. ExpertMaker says the simplicity of the tools makes them perfect for sales reps, marketers and experts of all sorts. In addition, it is possible to make single iteration searches that provide high precision, personalized results, which is key for mobile searches.

The company notes that search is used for a variety of reasons. Many are complex things, such as buying decisions, which, for example, involve complex human elements and preferences, but current services sometimes find it difficult to handle these challenges. With ExpertMaker tools, a consumer electronics expert could build a solution that works similarly to how a sales person would sell in a physical store, giving personalized product recommendations.

So instead of searching for a 40-inch LCD TV, for example, a consumer could add in lots of additional search data, such as the size of the room the TV would be housed in, the type of material they would mainly be watching on it. ExpertMaker says the tool could be deployed on mobile sites and apps, and on PC websites.

“We started out with the mission to make Artificial Intelligence technology available for a broader audience instead of just computer specialists,” says ExpertMaker CEO and founder, Lars Hård. “What is exciting about this new generation of search technology is all the new opportunities it brings, from the obvious e- and m-commerce opportunities to other activities like diagnosing an illness. As an example, many people still visit stores to buy products, ask friends for advice or spend hours looking at reviews online. With our tools, you can transform that whole process into one single search, driven by the user’s own taste and needs.”

Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO Conferences, says he sees ExpertMaker as one of the enablers of mobile search and commerce for many developers today. “By giving people the capability to build their own AI solutions, ExpertMaker is also looking to engage all kinds of experts to create new things, not available online today,” says Marshall.