Exponential Launches Face Filter AR Ad Unit

Exponential Face FilterDigital ad company Exponential Interactive has launched a Face Filter ad unit with AR (Augmented Reality) functionality.

Part of its its VDX video advertising offering, the ad unit uses facial recognition and head tracking technology to overlay virtual objects – such as glasses, make-up or hats – onto live video taken from the devices webcam, similar to Snapchats Lens feature.

Face Filter is available on display and in-stream advertising, but is currently limited to desktop in its AR form. However, there is a mobile version which doesnt use live video, but instead overlays the products onto an uploaded photo.

“With more and more interactive ad experiences penetrating the market, and webcam adoption at almost 80 per cent, Exponential is excited to unveil the VDX Face Filter,” said Ittai Shiu, VP of creative strategy at Exponential. “Whether the goal is to engage and interact with an audience or forge a stronger bond between a product and a prospective buyer, Exponential is the first to offer a scalable augmented reality solution.”

The VDX offering has also recently added live stream and 360° video, as Exponential pushes towards more interactive video. A study by the company this April found that interactive video ads significantly impact a viewer’s brand perception and increase purchase intent when compared to standard banner and pre-roll video ads.