Exponential Launches VDX Cross-screen Video Ad Formats

Exponential VDX LexusDigital ad firm Exponential Interactive, has unveiled VDX (Video-driven Experiences), which it describes as a set of proprietary, scalable video ad formats, designed to enable advertisers to provide a consistent brand message using video across multiple screens.

VDX works across multiple media types, including in-page display, in-stream, smartphone, tablet and PC, providing the same brand experience across each device. VDX formats are opt-in to provide consumers with non-intrusive, brand-positive interactions.

In tandem with the launch of VDX, Exponential has combined its display, mobile and in-stream divisions – formerly known as Tribal Fusion, Firefly Video, Appsnack and Adotube – to execute effectively across multiple screens.

“Video is the most powerful vehicle to communicate a brand’s message,” said Doug Conely, chief strategy officer at Exponential. “However, when consumers lean forward and choose to engage with a brand’s video messaging, it is a much more positive, influential experience than the passive, lean-back experience that is typically associated with forced, non-interactive, one-way TV ads or pre-roll video.”

VDX is powered by Exponential’s platform which processes over 2bn user events per day to segment consumers based on over 50,000 interests to identify those most likely to be receptive to the video content.