Express Image Digital announces mall entry reservation app feature

Alyssa Clementi

Plaza Holding’s Inc, the parent company of numerous malls in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, has collaborated with Express Image Digital (EID) to launch a new app feature that allows patrons to sign up in time slots to enter its shopping centers, in an effort to limit proximity of shoppers. Starting today, Plaza Las Américas (PLA) and Plaza Del Caribe (PDC) will be implementing the EID’s mobile app feature - Mall Entry Reservation – on their own mall apps to distribute tickets to shoppers who would like to enter the malls when they reopen on June 8.

With the app, PLA and PDC leadership will be able to control and regulate the number of shoppers in the mall at any given time. Once shoppers choose the date and time slot they would like to go to PLA or PDC, they will receive a ticket which will be scanned at the entrance of the malls. Besides guest tracking, EID’s mobile app features also include event notifications and key building information.

"We are thrilled to work with Plaza Holding's Inc., to develop solutions that meet the needs of today's technical and social environment,” said Scott Morrow, Express Image Digital CEO. “To their credit, they approached us with the concept, and both teams have worked relentlessly in a short time period to deliver the feature to coincide with the future opening of the malls."

"We are committed to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for our shoppers and employees while adhering to CDC's social distancing in the post-pandemic world,” commented Jaime Luis Fonalledas, PLAZA Holding Inc. executive vice president. “Malls and entertainment destinations know they need to control the number of visitors for the time being while delivering personalized experiences. All of us want to resume normal lives, yet it is our responsibility to do as much as we can to promote a safe and secure social distancing environment for our guests and employees once the Government of Puerto Rico approve the opening of our Malls."