EyeQ Aims to Combine Best of Online and Physical Retail

Shop Fashion In-store Clothes MannequinsPart of the Austin Technology Incubator, EyeQ has developed customer insight technology aimed at driving online customers back into brick and mortar stores.

The company aims at creating a new class of retail technology that gives consumers the same benefits that online shopping offers, such as personally relevant messages, suggestions and deep product information, in physical store environments.

The EyeQinsights system leans about in-store shoppers, tracking activity, demographics and preferences, and uses that intelligence to instantly customise each shoppers experience. This is carried out through interactive touch-screen displays throughout the store that sense customer demographics and location while they shop.

The company has signed deals with retailers including Sears Hometown, and is a showcase company for IBM. “With EyeQ, customers dont need to go home for further research or to review customer feedback, its all in the store with added live interaction with our sales associates,” said JJ Ethridge, vice president of supply chain, technology and integrated retail for Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores.

“We knew we created something special, a secret weapon to help brick and mortar businesses compete on an even playing field with eCommerce companies that are able to utilise so many customer intelligence technologies,” said EyeQ founder and CEO Michael Garel. “But we have been blown away by home many companies – big companies – are partnering with EyeQ, and how quickly they realise meaningful business improvements by using our system.”