Ezoic Launches Website Optimisation for Small Publishers

ezoicFollowing a year of closed beta with select group of small publishers, Ezoic is opening its website optimisation platform to the world at large.

The companys optimisation technology creates and tests multiple versions of the same website to monitor and improve both the visitor experience and ad income. During the closed beta, the company raised mobile ad revenues by an average of 960 per cent for the publishers involved.

“We solve a problem that many small publishers dont even know they have,” said John Cole, chief customer officer at Ezoic. “Theyre missing out on millions of dollars each month in lost ad revenue, as well as unnecessary bounced or frustrated visitors, all because their website layout isnt efficient.”

In the year of testing, over a billion pages were optimised using Ezoics platform, helping traffic increase to 21m visitors a month across the sites using the technology. Among the success stories were interior design site designoffurniture.com, which doubled its mobile revenue, and history timeline timelines.ws, which increased revenue five-fold and tripled its traffic.

“Leading eCommerce sites such as Amazon have been endlessly testing and optimising their sites for years to get users to buy more online, however this technology hasnt really filtered through to publishers of content sites, who should be working on usability,” said Cole. “Either they just dont know about it, or they dont have the time, money or technical expertise. We handle all this technical heavy lifting so they can focus on what they do best – creating great original content.”