Face Recognition Guest List App Zkipster Passes 250,000 Check-Ins in the UK

zfaceSwiss start-up Zkipsters guest list app that utilises face recognition to automatically manage event attendance has handled more that 250,000 check-ins since its launch in March 2013.

The app offers secure, real-time guest list management across iOS, Android and Windows, with add-on zFace introducing integrated pictures that enable event teams to match guest names with pictures, minimising gate crashing and speeding up the welcome process.

The app has been used in a number of high-profile events by clients including Sotherbys, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Hugo Boss, Cancer Research UK, VistaJet and Red Bull. Globally, the app has registered more than more 2m check-ins across 60 countries since the companys launch in 2009.

“We have seen tremendous demand for our app in the UK, not only in London,” said David Becker, co-founder of Zkipster. “Our guest list management and check-in app helps clients to execute events to the highest possible standard and create a personalised check-in for guests.”

“Being able to identify guests using zFace creates another level of security that is paramount to the overall success and integrity of our events,” said AnnMari Shannahan, vice president of public information for The Foundation for Aids Research, one of Zkipsters global clients. “And it adds another level of comfort for anyone on our team who is entrusted to check-in and work with our guests because zFace further helps reinforce the identity of our guests to staff at every level.

“Also, guests feel like we have gone the extra step to ensure we value their support…its a nice, added touch of donor management.”