Facebook Adds Device Targeting to App Ads

10333104_1455264324725627_1489119763_nFacebook has added device targeting to its Mobile App Ads offering.

Starting in the next few days, advertisers will be able to target users down their specific handset model, as well as minimum OS version and what kind of connection theyre on. This makes it possible, for example, to target Samsung Galaxy S3 users who have Android 4.1 or above and are connected via wi-fi.

The most obvious application of this targeting is to make sure an app isnt being advertised to people who cant download it. However, Facebook also points to an existing example where it could be leveraged more widely: a travel company which has determined that a disproportionately significant amount of their mobile revenue is coming from the iPhone 5S specifically, presumably due to the kind of audience the device attracts, and can now targeted ads at 5S users only.