Meta expands AI capabilities for Reels and feed recommendations

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has enhanced user experiences with significant upgrades to its Reels and Feed ranking technologies using AI.

As a result, the technology giant has introduced a new model architecture, which it claims excels in learning from large datasets with more efficiency.

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This move has already shown substantial improvements during a pilot program with Facebook Reels, the social media platform said.

Meanwhile, this advanced recommendation technology will be rolled out across more products this year, tapping into Meta’s entire video portfolio and Feed recommendations.

The company also revealed it aims to achieve the world’s best recommendation technology by the end of 2026.

In addition, Meta is also building “one of the world’s best” collections of open models, tools and resources for generative AI with Meta Llama. These tools are designed to enhance social discovery and interaction on the social media platform, allowing users to delve deeper into their interests.

In a statement, Meta said: “Our vision for Facebook is simple: Facebook is for social discovery that opens your world in big and small ways.

“We’ve always been social, and we’ve always helped people discover things, but the way that people want to do this is changing, so we’re evolving our product accordingly.”

It added: “As we think about the next 20 years, we’re focused on two big things: building the next generation of social media for young adults and leaning into new product capabilities enabled by AI.”