Facebook and Twitter agree to work with the UK on Russian ad probe

Facebook TwitterFacebook and Twitter have both reportedly sent letters to the UK government to confirm they will cooperate with the nation on its investigation into Russian influence during the 2016 EU referendum and 2017 general election.

According to BuzzFeed, the letters are due to be released by the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, with Facebook’s letter saying it will get back to the committee with its findings as early as the second week of December.

The Russian meddling issue has caused several, well-documented problems for the two social media giants, as well as Google, in the US. It only recently came to light that Russia may have played a similar role in both Brexit and the general election.

On the back of that revelation, the committee wrote to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey – asking them to provide any evidence they have of Russian interference during the UK’s two most recent major political votes.

In the US, the major tech firms have been working with Congress to solve the issue across the pond. As part of a series of hearings, the House Intelligence Committee released a trove of ads and accounts from across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.