Facebook and YouTube Apps Bigger than the Mobile Web

In North America, Facebook and YouTube both see more mobile traffic than the entire mobile web combined, according to the latest Global Internet Phenomena Report from Sandvine.

The telecoms network company found that the most upstream data requests come from Facebooks app – 20.62 per cent – made by users uploading and sharing information, while the most content is demanded from Youtubes app – 17.68 per cent. The mobile web came third in both cases. Pandora, Netflix, Instagram and iTunes all made it into the top 10 data consumption activities, with real-time entertainment traffic exploding across APAC and Europe.

Africa, meanwhile, sees mean mobile data usage of just 1.5 MB, a huge contrast to the 1GB mean now seen in Asia-Pacific. Video accounts for just 6 per cent of traffic, but will grow faster than any other region, Sandvine said. Blackberry email and BBM accounts for over 13 per cent of traffic across the continent – accounting for the largest share of upstream traffic.

To see the full 35-page report, click here.