Facebook announces VR Oculus platform update

Gabby Fernie

Updates have been announced for Oculus, Facebook's virtual reality (VR) offering. 

Facebook will begin testing ads for Oculus content within the Oculus app on mobile. Its goal is to help developers - and the experiences they create both big and small - be discovered by more people.

The Oculus Store includes hundreds of games and apps, creating immersive experiences for users.

Facebook wants to make sure that all developers creating VR have a fighting chance to communicate with fans. For example, a developer who built a user's favourite game could now run ads to make sure that partiular user knows about the new project they’re working on.

Facebook want these ads to be relevant to users, therefore tools are provided to manage the information that the platform has access to. 

Other ways for people to interact with brands on the Oculus platform are currently being explored, including a headset.