Facebook appeals to video creators with ad matchmaking

Facebook has launched a ‘matchmaking’ system designed to cultivate partnerships between video creators and marketers, in an effort to kickstart its growing Watch video ecosystem and create a true rival to Google’s YouTube.

The Brand Collabs Manager, which identifies video makers that may be good fits for product placement or endorsement partnerships, has already been tested by some brands to establish native video marketing deals with video creators using Facebook.

Facebook is also testing providing video creators with additional monetisation tools, including enabling creators to run mid-roll adverts in longer videos, and offer viewer subscriptions for $4.99 (£3.79), with subscribers receiving additional content like exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

During the test period, Facebook is not keeping a cut of any partnerships established through the Brand Collab Manager or any subscriptions, and has not settled on a figure for any eventual fees should these features become a permanent fixture.

While Facebook has traditionally waited for new platforms and features to establish a critical mass of users before monetising them heavily, the social network appears to be trying to capitalise on dissatisfaction among some YouTube creators over how they earn money from Google’s video platform. YouTube tightened its revenue-sharing policies last year after brand safety concerns.

With 30,000 members of the online video industry expected to gather in Anaheim, California later this week for the VidCon event, it is the perfect time for Facebook to announce it is reaching out to creators in an effort to help them support the content they produce.