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Facebook joins forces with the Atlantic Council to tackle election meddling

Tyrone Stewart

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook has reached out for help in dealing with the issue of foreign actors interfering in elections, bringing in an international affairs think tank to improve the way it deals with fake news and election interference.

The social network will work with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab to aid Facebook in getting ‘real-time insights and updates’ on potential bits of fake news or election-related ads from foreign sources.

Furthermore, Facebook will also link up with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Unit Monitoring during election periods and ‘other highly sensitive moments’. Facebook says this will enable it to monitor misinformation and foreign interference, while educating citizens and civil society, in particular geographic areas.

This partnership with the Atlantic Council is part of Facebook’s wider efforts to prevent its platform being exploited during important political votes.

The social network recently completely banned ads from outside of Ireland relating to the Irish referendum on abortion. Furthermore, Facebook is going to start labelling political ads as such, and letting people know who paid for the ads also.