Facebook Audience Network partners with Fyber to leverage in-app header bidding tech

Tyrone Stewart

Facebook appFacebook is partnering with Twitter’s MoPub, Fyber, and MAX to enable app publishers who use header bidding to include ads from Facebook’s Audience Network in their auctions.

The move comes over a year after Facebook opened up its Audience Network to mobile web publishers.

“Currently, ad networks are called one-by-one until an app ad is filled, determined by historical average CPMs rather than which buyer is willing to pay the most,” said Vijay Balan, head of publisher solutions partnerships at Facebook Audience Network, in a blog post announcing the news. “This method often overlooks a network willing to pay more for an impression because it is lower in the chain.

“App bidding enables app publishers and developers to establish an impartial and open auction over their ad inventory. All advertising networks are called simultaneously and the highest bidder for the placement wins, thereby providing publishers with opportunities to earn more. Publishers can maximize their access to high value advertisers, fueling the creation of sustainable ad businesses that help ensure people continue to enjoy access to high quality free content.”

Looking at Fyber in particular, Facebook has partnered with its FairBid mechanism – which enables buyers to bid in real-time on mobile app impressions, while maintaining a direct SDK relationship with the publisher.

“Through our technological capabilities, and through strategic partnerships with ad networks like Facebook Audience Network, we are eliminating inefficient waterfalls that leave money on the table,” said Offer Yehudai, president at Fyber. “At the same time, publishers can still enjoy the ad rendering benefits offered by these networks as the SDK integrations with their clients are maintained.”