Facebook begins Stories test to help friends invite others to events

Facebook app logoFacebook has launched a test aimed at making events more exciting and help people get more interested in attending events shared on the social network. The feature enables users to share the events they’re interested in attending within their Story and friends can even register their own interest within the Story itself.

The introduction of the feature sees a new ‘Share to Your Story’ option added when users visit event pages on Facebook. If the user chooses to share, their friends will see a tappable sticker within the Story that includes details about the event, can be used to click through to the event page itself, and a means for friends to also say they’re ‘interested’.

Furthermore, the feature will also surface a list of friends who plan to attend the event to users, so they can communicate with those people about their plans.

The test has started in the US, Mexico, and Brazil. But, although Facebook hasn’t announced any plans beyond these locations, it is likely we will see the feature rolled out to other countries throughout the year.