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Facebook is Bigger Than Europe

Alex Spencer

If Facebook were a country it would have the third largest population in the world, behind only China and India. That's just one of the impressive figures analyst Socialbakers has up its sleeve ahead of the social network's IPO. Here's another – Facebook has more members than there are people in Europe. Nearly 400m more, based on current population estimates.

In the US, 51 per cent of people use Facebook – along with the UK, at 49 per cent, it has the largest population penetration in the world. Conversely, India only has a penetration of 4 per cent. Brazil also shows huge market potential - only 23 per cent of the population are on Facebook, and yet its people account for the second highest number of fans in the world, and Brazilian brands make up four of the top five fastest growing on the social network.

“Facebook is clearly giving social-savvy companies unprecedented access to build dynamic relationships and grow revenue in key markets,” says Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab. “It can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult to go to market in new regions with a localised site, even for some of the world’s biggest companies. And even then, you’ve still got a static presence that fails to truly engage your target audience. Facebook eliminates that barrier to entry by providing a well-entrenched and steadily-growing platform.”