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Facebook borrows from Snapchat again with Messenger Days

Tyrone Stewart

Snapchat Messenger, apologies, I mean Facebook Messenger, has rolled out a new feature where users can create a slideshow of their photos and videos. These slideshows disappear after 24 hours, however, just like that platform that Facebook likes ‘borrowing’ from.

Facebook began testing ‘Messenger Day’ around the time that it launched the Messenger camera, but is now rolling the feature out globally for both Android and iOS users to create their own Stories. Days, sorry again.

Users will be able to add to their day by using the Messenger camera to take a photo or video, and will be asked if they wish to add the image to their day. Furthermore, users will be able to add to their days if they send a picture or video in conversation, and will be notified if someone they’re messaging has added something new to their day.

Users will also have the option to control who can view their days – choosing to share it with everyone, or just specific friends and family members on Messenger.