Facebook Brings its Anti-Virus Marketplace to Mobile


Facebook has expanded its Anti-Virus Marketplace, bringing its free security software to mobile users, six months after it launched for desktop.

Facebook users can pick between trial versions of McAfee and Nortons mobile security apps for their smartphone. Facebook doesnt specify in the announcement, but the program is currently only available for Android devices – itll be interesting to see which of the other mobile platforms Facebook rolls the service out to, and how quickly.

The expansion also sees seven new partners – including avast!, Kapersky, and AVG – join its security coalition, bringing the total number of companies involved up to 12.

“Our new anti-virus partners bring with them both the latest software and comprehensive intelligence. As with our existing partners, these seven companies will help protect Facebook’s community of over a billion users by improving our URL blacklist system,” said Facebooks security team, in t. This system scans trillions of clicks per per day, and before each click, the system consults the databases of all our AV Marketplace partners to make sure the website you are about to visit is safe. This means that whenever you click a link on our site you are protected both by Facebook and 12 of the industry leaders in computer security. We will be cooperating with these partners more in the future, and look forward to announcing new tools soon.”