Facebook Buys Social Product Creator Branch Media

Branch Media app Potluck
Branch Media app Potluck

Announced fittingly in a Facebook post, Branch Media CEO Josh Miller explained that his company had been bought to form a new Conversations team at Facebook.

Branch Media has brought two different social products to market during its two-year lifespan. The Branch web platform enables users to invite others to chat about specific topics or news stories, while the free Potluck app is a social news aggregator. Miller said that these products will continue to operate as they are.

The team of nine will stay in New York and build Branch at Facebook scale. The CEO said the goal of the team would be to help people connect with others around their interests and Facebook is clearly keen to work out the best way of ensuring the big conversations still happen on its platform.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is one of Branch Medias investors and TechCrunch has unearthed the post that shows the news was actually broken on his new product Jelly. Whether the question was posed purposefully to out the acquisition or not, What happened Branch? The company has gone quiet, Miller was clearly taken by surprise. He added: “A more thoughtful note and details to come soon but I am writing this haphazardly from a mountain in Japan (I was tipped that the story was going to leak while on vacation).”