Facebook delivers 5G wireless internet in California with Common Networks

Common Networks, a commercially available, graph-based network, will be bringing ultra-high-speed 5G internet to customers using Facebook’s Terragraph millimeter-wave technology, starting with residents in Alameda, California.

“For more than a decade, consumers have been promised dramatically faster home internet service. However, due to the high-cost to build or upgrade traditional infrastructure, speeds have been slow to improve,” said Zach Brock, CEO of Common Networks. “We started by rethinking the problem from scratch, using wireless hardware, software, and operations together to deliver faster internet. We are building next generation networks for what we know is coming — immersive experiences that require even more speed and bandwidth than today. In working with Facebook, we can accelerate delivery of gigabit internet into the home.”

Since its launch in 2017, Common Networks has been using graph-based technology to provide residential customers with ultra-high-speed internet service. Currently, the internet provider is developing a 5G network based on open and scalable platforms, releasing millimeter wave and microwave technology on open spectrum. For faster home internet, Facebook’s Terragraph technology is using the open 60 Ghz millimeter-wave frequency.

“Our focus is bringing more people online with faster internet. Were excited to work with Common Networks as they adopt Terragraph technology to provide high-speed connectivity to their customers,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, vice president, Facebook Connectivity. “With Terragraph, were helping operators deploy high-speed wireless connectivity efficiently, ultimately enabling more people to use the internet to connect with friends and family, learn and access economic opportunities.”

As of now, Common Networks is primarily focused on expanding in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has 1,000 customers globally that have access to 5G Fixed Wireless Access networks.

“Alameda was the first city we launched in and continues to be a very special community for us. By providing the city with 5G home internet service, we want to help the residents, and enable businesses and local organizations to better serve the needs of their own community,” said Brock.