Facebook Dominates Mobile Use

Facebook leads the way in mobile services, according to a new report. Telecoms analyst company CCS Insight says in its Mobile Internet Usage Report that Facebooks messages, Chat and Photos are some of the most popular mobile services across Europe. 

CCS says that Facebook is now one of the top three providers for email messaging. It even says that it anticipates Facebooks services transcending offerings from the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. 

“Facebook is fast becoming the default destination for all things mobile,” says Paolo Pescatore, director of applications and content at CCS Insight.

The report says that the rapid adoption of smartphones in Europe has transformed the mobile landscape. More than 45 per cent of people surveyed by CCS listen to music, play games, and browse the web in their phones. 

“The mobile phone is now one of the most prolific consumer electronics devices on the planet. The exponential growth in service usage cannot be ignored and is reshaping the mobile market,” says Pescatore.

Operators face big challenges, according to Pescatore: “The role of the operators continues to diminish, but there are opportunities for the mobile industry. People want to access a range of web-based services on multiple devices and we expect mobile to play an even greater role in 12 months time.”

The report also argues that the industry needs to focus more on older consumers. 24-35 year olds are the most attractive target market because they are tech-savvy and have disposable income, says the company. However, it believes that the over 35s age group is now engaging with mobile and raising their mobile internet usage. 

“For years the industry has been obsessed with 16 to 24 year olds but rapid adoption of smartphones by an older audience means it is time to focus an older demographic for mobile services,” says Pescatore.