Facebook Enables 'Richer Storytelling' with Auto-play Video Ads

Alex Spencer

Facebook Video AdFacebook has started testing auto-playing video ads which will appear in user's feeds.

The videos will play automatically, without sound, as the user scrolls past them and then when tapped, will play full-screen with accompanying sound. Facebook is pitching it as a 'richer storytelling format', bringing its offering closer in line with a channel like TV.

Once the video finishes playing, the user will be presented with a carousel featuring two additional videos from the same marketer.

The format has been undergoing testing for video sharing among friends since September. During this period, Facebook says it's seen a 10 per cent increase in engagement with the content - however, it's a very different use case, and the ads run the risk of annoying users.

It's worth noting, though, that the content won't use up any mobile data, as all videos will be downloaded in advance over a wi-fi connection.

Summit Entertainment will be the first to trial the new format, working with Mindshare to promote its upcoming film, Divergent.