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Facebook, Google, Twitter are not doing enough to fight extremism and fake news - WEF

Tyrone Stewart

Social media appsMajor US tech firms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are not taking an aggressive enough approach toward tackling extremism and political misinformation, according to the World Economic Forum.

The Swiss non-profit organisation’s study, which was first reported by Reuters, warns that the tech giants must do more to prevent the spreading of violent material from Daesh and political fake news on their platforms – or they may face government action.

The report from the World Economic Forum’s human rights council says that the government may look to impose regulations that would limit freedom of speech across the internet and social media, unless the internet giants “assume a more active self-governance role”.

The human rights council recommends that the firms conduct more thorough internal reviews into the misuse of their platforms and hire more humans to review content, as opposed to machines.

In the US, Facebook, Twitter, and Google will face lawmakers on Tuesday and Wednesday over the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election.

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