Facebook hiring 3,000 people to monitor content following Live murders

Tyrone Stewart
Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is planning to add thousands of staff review live video and other flagged content more quickly and efficiently in the wake of the recent Facebook Live murders.

According to a Facebook post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the social network will look to employ 3,000 people, to add to the 4,500 it already has, over the next year.

“Over the last few weeks, we've seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook -- either live or in video posted later,” he wrote. “It's heartbreaking, and I've been reflecting on how we can do better for our community.

“If we're going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly. We're working to make these videos easier to report so we can take the right action sooner -- whether that's responding quickly when someone needs help or taking a post down.”

Zuckerberg also stated that Facebook is building tools to make reporting problems simpler, as it initially vowed to do following the Facebook Live Cleveland murder. It is also working on tools to get posts that violate standards to reviewers more quickly and making it easier for them to contact law enforcement.

“This is important,” he added. “Just last week, we got a report that someone on Live was considering suicide. We immediately reached out to law enforcement, and they were able to prevent him from hurting himself. In other cases, we weren't so fortunate.”