Facebook begins putting groups under probation for violating rules

Facebook has updated the way it tackles misinformation in certain groups as it looks to find ways to tackle the spread of falsehoods regarding the result of the US election.

Any political or social group on Facebook, whether public or private, which has several posts that violate the platform’s community standards will be put under a form of probation. This measure will force group administrators and moderators to approve all posts for 60 days.

Facebook will monitor the groups put under probation and decide – during or after the two-month period – if those in charge of the groups are keeping out enough misinformation. Administrators and moderators who fail to clean up their groups could see their group shut down.

“We are temporarily requiring admins and moderators of some political and social groups in the US to approve all posts, if their group has a number of Community Standards violations from members,” Facebook company spokesperson Leonard Lam told The Washington Post.

Facebook, like Twitter, has been fighting an uphill battle against the spread of misinformation around the result of the US election. Both social media platforms have had to label most of Donald Trump’s content around the result as containing misleading information.