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Facebook Launches New Platform on Workplace

Tyrone Stewart

Facebook WorkFacebook has announced that it will build on its enterprise communication product Workplace by integrating apps for CRM, file sharing, email, calendars and more. The announcement was made at TechCrunch’s Disrupt London event.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook Workplace director Julien Codorniou explained that Custom Integrations will offer a full platform of integrations with ‘software as a service’ solutions in the enterprise collaboration space. He also claimed that Workplace could support Box for file sharing, Saleforces for CRM or Google for email and calendaring – but these are just potential partnerships for the time being.

The move by Facebook suggests it will now compete directly with Slack for dominance in the work app wars. Slack has continued to grow at a rapid pace since it was launched in August 2013, hitting 4m daily active users in October. In April, it raised $200m (£159m) to put the company at a valuation of $3.8bn.

Despite this, with Facebook Workplace’s new platform, Facebook may be able to take control in the war. Offering similar features to Slack, and other work apps, along with Facebook’s familiarity to most people means it could possibly present an easier option than the likes of Slack.