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Facebook opens up its Messenger sponsored messages to more brands

Tyrone Stewart

Facebook Messenger sponsored messagesFacebook has said it will open sponsored messages on Messenger to all advertisers ‘in the coming months’, after giving more businesses the ability to send relevant promotions directly to people who they have already communicated with.

Sponsored messages were first introduced to Messenger almost a year ago to the day as part of the launch of Messenger Platform v1.3. Initially, the ad format was only available to a small number of businesses, including Australian airline Qantas and charity-driven US apparel brand Love Your Melon.

“Many businesses use click-to-Messenger ads every day to start conversations with customers; generating leads, driving transactions and offering customer support,” said Facebook in a blog post. “Now we’re making it easier for advertisers to reengage those conversations using sponsored messages.”

Facebook reports that Qantas found Messenger to be its most efficient digital channel for driving traffic during its spring flight sale. Its five-day campaign saw its sponsored messages have a 4.5 times higher click-through rate than its Facebook link ads.

Meanwhile, Love Your Melon use sponsored messages to promote a new line of hats with previous customers. It achieved 14 times return on ad spend from the campaign.

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