Facebook overhauls privacy settings

Facebook Privacy ShortcutsAs the Cambridge Analytica scandal fallout rages on, Facebook is introducing measures to give its users more control over their data and making privacy tools easier to find, as the social network briefly mentioned it would last week.

As part of the changes, Facebook has redesigned the settings menu on mobile, making all setting options accessible from a single place and cleaning up outdated settings. This has also seen the introduction of a new ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ menu, which makes it easier for users to control their data.

Within the Privacy Shortcuts menu users can make their account more secure through features like two-factor authentication, control personal information, control the ads they see, and manage who can see their posts and profile information.

Users will now also be able to access and manage their posts, reactions, comments, and things they’ve searched for via ‘Access Your Information’, enabling them to delete anything from their timeline or profile. And Facebook is making it easier for users to download all their data.

Finally, Facebook has said it will make updates to its terms of service and also its data policy to provide a better understanding of how data is collected and used.