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Facebook partners with Fyber for in-app header bidding tech

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Ad monetisation firm Fyber has announced that Facebook Audience Network is partnering with its new FairBid technology to help app developers and mobile publishers deliver highly-targeted ads through header bidding auctions.

Fyber's FairBid mechanism enables buyers like Facebook Audience Network to bid in real-time on mobile app impressions while still maintaining the direct SDK relationship with the publisher. The technology allows SDK networks like Facebook Audience Network to access more in-app inventroy, and offers its advertisers the ability to outbid other buyers in real-time. Facebook joins AdColony and Tapjoy, who are already partnered with FairBid for its beta period.

"Fyber's technology democratises the programmatic buying process by providing all ad buyers equal ability to bid on every impression," said Vijay Balan, head of publisher solutions partnerships at Facebook Audience Network. "We believe all app publishers and developers should have access to a more transparent and more efficient ad monetisation ecosystem."

The proprietary FairBid technology eliminates the 'waterfall' found in most mediation solutions and does not prioritise its own marketpalce or ad network over ads from other mediated networks. Because there is no bias in favour of any one demand source, the highest bid dwins, regardless of which network the demand is coming from.

The solution brings together programmatic demand from DSPs, direct campaigns and SDK-mediated networking into one, simultaneous real-time auction. This transparent approach to the programmatic auction ensures greater competition and an uplift in yield for in-app publishers.

"Fyber FairBid combines our proprietary real-time bidding exchange focused on in-app with our strong mediation platform to bring transparency, yield optimisation and more automation to mobile publishers and app developers," said Offer Yehudai, president of Fyber. "Through our technological capabilities, and through strategic partnerships with ad networks like Facebook Audience Network, we are eliminating inefficient waterfalls that leave money on the table.

"At the same time, publishers can still enjoy the ad rendering benefits offered by these networks as the SDK integrations with their clients are maintained."