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Facebook is looking to put ad changes in place ahead of 2018 US elections

Tyrone Stewart

FacebookFacebook has said that it is overhauling the way it handles political ads on its platform, with changes likely to be implemented ahead of next year’s US congressional and state elections.

The next batch of US elections are set to take place in November 2018, and Facebook sees this as a deadline to get its act together and prevent any more interference from Russia in the US’s political business.

“We are working on all of this stuff actively now, so there is a big focus in the company to improve all of this on a regular basis,” Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer told Reuters in an interview. “You’re going to see a regular cadence of updates and changes.

“We don’t want misuse of the platform, whether that’s a foreign government trying to intercede in a democracy - that’s obviously not OK - or whether it’s an individual spewing hate or uploading pornography.”

Facebook, Google and Twitter have all had to reveal in the past month that their platforms were targeted by Russia with ads aimed at influencing the outcomes on last year’s US presidential election. However, Moscow has denied the allegations.

Facebook has since said it would be hiring 1,000 more people to review ads, rather than relying on algorithms – though this decision has led to some debate.

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