Facebook pushes its GDPR efforts beyond Europe

Tyrone Stewart

Facebook privacy settings reviewIn the spirit of tomorrow’s implementation of the general data protection regulation (GDPR), Facebook is asking all its users – not just those within the EU – to review their privacy settings.

Over the next few weeks, Facebook users all over the world will be prompted with an alert as they open the social network up to the news feed. This alert will enable them to review details about advertising, face recognition, and the information they’ve chosen to share on their profiles – much in the same way to the alerts that have been popping up for EU citizens over the past month or so.

The customised message will show each individual user how Facebook uses data from partners to show more relevant advertising; the political, religious, and relationship information they have included in their profiles; how Facebook uses face recognition; and updates to Facebook’s terms of service and data policy.

Anything that users have already disabled will not appear in the message. For example, if they’re already opted out of face recognition, Facebook will not ask them to turn it on.