Facebook Producing Feature to Rival Snapchat's Discover

Tyrone Stewart

Facebook-Mark-Zuckerberg-f8.jpgFacebook as working on producing a new feature, similar to Snapchat’s Discover section, according to sources and internal documentation acquired by Business Insider.

The feature called Collections will showcase news stories, listicles, videos and other content submitted by handpicked media partners – as Facebook looks to rival Snapchat on all fronts.

Facebook have allegedly approached media and entertainment companies in a bid to create content for Collections, but a time frame is not yet clear.

Collections partners will see their content inserted into the Facebook news feed, giving them a more direct line of access to the sites 1.8 billion users. At present, publishers only reach comes from likes received on their content – pushing them into people’s news feeds – or if they pay to boost their exposure.

According to Business Insider, it is still unclear if Collections will feature advertising, and if so, whether ad revenue will be shared. Facebook brought ads to Messenger for the first time just last month.

Facebook has come under a lot of pressure recently for its role in spreading fake news during the US presidential election. A move towards curated content from partners may be a way that this can be countered.

Although, the social media site has struggled in its past ventures into curated content. In June this year, the company’s breaking news app Notify was shut down after just seven months.