Facebook Ramps Up Campaign Performance Tools

Facebook has redesigned its ad campaign management tools for marketers around ‘objective-based’ buying and reporting.

Marketers using the Power Editor can now select a campaign objective – rather than having to pick an ad unit – when launching a new advertising effort. Facebook will then recommend an ad unit based on the campaign priority, which can include: website clicks, web conversions, page post engagement, page likes, app installs, app engagement, in-store offer claims and event responses.

Advertisers, rather than Facebook, then select whether their ad appears on mobile or desktop – ensuring creative and links are best-optimised for the screen. The Ads Manager reporting tool will then show the chosen objective, alongside the number of times it has been met during the campaign and the cost-per-action.

Part of ongoing efforts to make Facebook more attractive and accountable to advertisers, the company already got rid of more than half of its ad unit options – admitting that 27 different types left it with some ‘redundant’ modules.