Facebook Reintroduces Atlas Ad Platform with Cross-Device Targeting

FacebookAs rumoured last week, Facebook has unveiled a rebuilt version of the Atlas ad platform with cross-device targeting and offline sales tracking.

While the original Atlas software was purchased from Microsoft last year, this version is based on entirely new code, with a redesigned user interface and built-in targeting and measurement capabilities.

In a blog post accompanying the launch, Facebook claimed the ad platform represents a step towards people-based marketing aimed at reaching consumers across devices, platforms and publishers.

“People spend more time on more devices than ever before,” said Erik Johnson, head of Atlas at Facebook. “This shift in consumer behaviour has had a profound impact on a consumers path to purchase, both online and in stores. And todays technology for ad serving and measurement – cookies – are flawed when used alone.

“Cookies dont work on mobile, are becoming less accurate in demographic targeting and cant easily or accurately measure the customer purchase funnel across browsers and devices or into the world. People-based marketing solves these problems.”

The social network also announced that Omnicom had partnered with Atlas to act as a holding company for ad serving and measurement. Together, the companies will jointly develop integrations to enable more automated capabilities for Omnicoms clients, who include Pepsi and Intel, and will be among the first to test the new platform.