Facebook Releases More Measurement Problems in Second Metrics Report

Facebook-Mark-Zuckerberg-f8.jpgFacebook has released its second monthly metrics update, following its recent struggles in correctly calculating various ad metrics. This month, the social network provided an update on the improvement to estimated reach methodology, live video metrics in Page Insights, and like, share buttons and mobile search discrepancy.

Facebook is updating how it calculates the numbers that appear in the estimated reach tool, which is found when creating an ad. It is improving the methodology for sampling and extrapolating potential audience sizes to better account across multiple platforms – Facebook itself, Instagram and Audience Network. Facebook says advertisers should expect to see less than 10 per cent change, either increase or decrease, in the audience sizes shown in the tool after the change.

Facebook previously had an issue with the miscalculation of the organic reach of pages over multiple-day periods failing to deduplicate repeat visitors, which it began work to resolve last month.

In this metrics update, Facebook admits that some of the reactions to live video were misallocated to ‘reactions from shares of post’ instead of ‘reactions on post’ – noting the total counts were correct, some were just captured in the wrong reporting column. Facebook will apply the fix to newly created live videos from mid-December, expecting an increase of 500 per cent on average to ‘reactions on post’ and a decrease of 25 per cent to ‘reactions from shares of post’.

Facebook has also identified a discrepancy between the counts for the like and share buttons via its graph API and the counts when a person enters a URL into the app’s search bar. Facebook says it is looking into why a URL search on the app may have different numbers of likes and shares compared to true like and share button data.