Facebook phases out ad relevance score along with other metrics

Tyrone Stewart

FacebookFacebook is making changes to its ad metrics tools, replacing its ad relevance score with three ‘more granular’ relevance metrics and removing seven other ad metrics to be replaced by ‘more actionable ones’.

Relevance score will now be broken down into ‘quality ranking’, ‘engagement rate ranking’, and ‘conversion rate ranking’. Quality ranking measures how an ad’s perceived quality compared with competing ads, while engagement rate ranking addresses the expected engagement rate of an ad compared to competitors and conversion rate ranking looks at expected conversion.

As with relevance score, the update ad relevance metrics will not have any bearing on an ad’s performance in the auction. They metrics will be introduced over the ‘coming weeks’ with the previous relevance score being removed starting 30 April.

“When used together, ad relevance diagnostics will help advertisers understand whether changes to creative assets, audience targeting or the post-click experience might improve performance,” said Facebook in a blog post.

One of the other metrics to be introduced in April is a posts saved metric, which enables businesses to see how many people saved their ads. This will see the removal of the offers saved metric. Meanwhile, potential reach will now include people who were shown the ad on Facebook in the last 30 days.