Facebook rolls out Reels to more than 150 countries

Facebook has expanded the availability of Facebook Reels for iOS and Android to more than 150 countries across the globe, following its initial launch in the US last year. Prior to that, it was available on Instagram. It said it is also introducing better ways to help creators to earn money, new creation tools and more places to watch and create Facebook Reels. 

Its Reels Play bonus program, pays eligible creators up to $35,000 a month based on the views of their qualifying reels. Facebook said it will expand the bonus program to more countries In the coming months, and that it is also building direct monetization options for Facebook Reels through ad revenue share and fan support.

It is expanding tests of Facebook Reels Overlay Ads to all creators in the US, Canada and Mexico, and to more countries in the coming weeks. Facebook is starting with two formats: banner ads that appear as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Facebook Reel, and sticker ads: a static image ad that can be placed by a creator anywhere within their reel.  

Any creator in the US, Canada and Mexico who is part of Facebooks in-stream ads program is automatically eligible to monetize their publicly-shared reels with ads. By mid-March, these tests will expand to creators in nearly all countries where in-stream ads are available. It will also begin testing Stars on Facebook Reels in the coming weeks, so that people can buy and send Stars while watching reels to support creators. 

Facebook is also launching brand suitability controls, including Publisher Lists, Blocklists, Inventory Filters and Delivery Reports for Banner and Sticker Ads in Facebook Reels in every region they are available, to give advertisers more control over how their ads appear in places they dont consider suitable for their brand or campaign.  

The social network is also adding more editing features, including Remix, which enables a user to create a reel that includes all or part of another creator’s reel. The maximum length of a Reel is also being increased to 60 seconds.

Finally, Facebook said it will make it possible to create and discover Reels in new places, including in Stories; in Watch; at the top of the news feed; and Suggested Reels in feed, where it would start to suggest Reels that users may like in their feed from people they do not already follow.