Facebook Seeks Engineers for Drone Team

droneFacebook is looking to expand its Connectivity Lab team, who aim to bring an internet connection to everyone on the planet, using a combination of satellites, laser transmission and drones.

The social network has posted over a dozen jobs for aeronautical engineers, technicians and other drone specialists, seeking avionics engineers who can create autopilot systems, thermal engineers who can keep drones cool during long flights, and systems engineers who can manage space-based laser arrays.

The jobs will all be part of Facebooks Connectivity Lab, where the company is researching ways to bring internet access to the estimated two-thirds of the worlds population who currently doesnt have it.

The positions are largely based in California, at Facebooks Menlo Park headquarters and in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills. The remaining positions are in London, presumably to work alongside engineers at aviation company Ascenta who are currently partnering with Facebook. Ascentas founders were behind the first versions of Zephyr, which claimed the record for longest-flying solar-powered unmanned aircraft.

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