Facebook Sends Twice as Much Traffic as Other Networks, Says Shareaholic

ShareaholicAccording to Shareaholic’s latest report looking at the last four months in social, Facebook made more than twice as many referrals to outside sites as seven of the other top social platforms combined.

Based on traffic data collected from 200,000 websites on Shareaholics network, Facebook had the second-largest growth in referrals during this time, 48.9 per cent, but is by far the largest referrer of traffic to other sites, at 15.4 per cent in December.

Pinterest was the second largest social referrer in December, but only contributed a 4.8 per cent share of overall traffic. It saw the third-largest growth in its number of referrals, increasing by 30.1 per cent.

StumbleUpon has seen the largest growth in the amount of referrals it sends to outside sites. But despite seeing 54.4 per cent growth, it remains a very small player in the social game, making 0.9 per cent of referrals in December.

Google+ was the only other social network to see growth in this time period. Twitter’s share dropped by 4.3 per cent to 1.1 per cent, while Reddit, Youtube and Linkedin dropped by 17.7 per cent, 27 per cent and 35 per cent per cent respectively.