Facebook to Launch Featured Story Ads on Mobile, says FT

Facebook is introducing feature adverts on mobile devices as part of its offering to marketers and advertisers, according to the Financial Times. Taking the form of featured stories appearing in users news feeds, these ads are expected to be rolled out in March.

“The timing of todays rumours are interesting – Facebook seems to be de-risking what is arguably its key risk factor,” says Sam Jardine, TMT associate at international law firm Eversheds. “This announcement comes less than a week after Facebook’s pre-offering SEC filing identified its non-mobile product advertising as a risk factor to its future business model. And now it appears from the reports that Facebook has plans to roll out advertising on its mobile platform within a week.”

The advertising format is an alternative to more traditional banner ads and, according to the Financial Times, is likely to be followed by rich media and location-based advertising.