Facebook Tops 100m Downloads on GetJar

GetJar is claiming a world first with the news that the Facebook mobile app has been downloaded by more than 100m people from GetJar, making it the most downloaded app ever on a single app store. Over 50 per cent of downloads were to Nokia handsets, though ironically, in many instances, when someone downloads the Facebook app, what they get is not an app at all, but a shortcut to the Facebook mobile site.

To explain, the Facebook app currently exists for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, Palm, Sony Ericsson, INQ, Nokia, Windows Phone and Sidekick. (This is a larger list than originally published, after Facebooks PR updated their original version). Anyone on any other type of handset who downloads the Facebook app from GetJar get’s a link to the Facebook mobile site with a single click from their phone.

GetJar calls this system, App It! It’s a link to an app that can be placed anywhere and allows consumers to download that app to their phone in one tap, regardless of the user’s phone make or model. Once a publisher has uploaded an app or mobile site to GetJar, the App It! link is automatically created and can be placed anywhere the publisher wants. When tapped, the link sends the consumer to the publisher’s page on GetJar which detects the device and provides them with the right app, or mobile site link, for that phone. App It! is used by many other brands, including Photobucket, Yahoo!, Flirtomatic and Cnectd, to reach consumers independent of what kind of device they are using.

To help publishers leverage the power of App It! and easily promote their apps, GetJar has automated the App It! process so that each app or site shortcut uploaded to GetJar gets its own App It! URL in the form of http://getjar.com/appname. Publishers can then promote this URL via social media, print, TV, or however they like.