Facebook tops Decluttrs 1-star rating app rankings – report

Social networking app Facebook has emerged as the app with the highest number of 1-star reviews, in a study carried out by refurbished tech retailer, Decluttr. After scraping the Apple App Store for the most downloaded apps by each category, the company used Sensor Tower to provide a breakdown of each apps reviews by star rating. This enabled it to compile the number of reviews per most downloaded app and compare it to the number of 1-star reviews received to calculate the percentage of 1-star reviews. 

61 per cent of the Facebook’s 1.25m total reviews are a one-star rating. App Store users often complain about Facebooks confusing interface and navigation settings. Others complained that the latest update of the social network app has decreased the user experience due to frequent glitches.

Streaming platform HBO Max ranks second, with 38 per cent of the app’s overall reviews rated as 1-star. According to Apple App Store reviews, HBO Max has an unstable app performance, frequent app crashes, and a laborious navigation process, to name a few of its issues.  

Snapchat comes in third place, with 24 per cent of its overall 1m+ reviews rated 1-star. Some users complain about the quality of Snapchat’s images, which they say often appear pixellated and grainy. Parents of children with the app also express concerns that the app is unsafe, with disappearing photographs and sharing of location through Snap Maps. 

Netflix is the 4th most unpopular app in the App Store with 22 per cent of its ratings 1-star. Users complain that the streaming app stops during playback, offers poor recommendations, and often allows its trailers to play by default, which not everyone loves.

In 5th place is Tinder, with 20 per cent 1-star reviews. Apple App Store users have complained that the dating app has many bugs and glitches, causing performance issues. Other users complaints included that they didn’t get notifications when messages came through, despite having their notifications turned on in settings.

The study also looked at how much time the average American spends on their phone in 2022. According to the study, the average daily social media usage worldwide in 2022 amounted to 147 minutes per day, which is a two-minute increase from 2021. Americans, spend an average of two hours and three minutes daily on their phones. The data shows that users spend more time on social media and apps today than they did throughout the pandemic.

Some of the most distracting apps include Facebook and YouTube, followed by WhatsApp and Instagram. Also in the top five is TikTok, which Gen Z can’t get enough of, with users spending more than 11 hours a week on the app.

You can access the full study, here