Facebook Updates Apps, Places

Facebook has rolled out updates to its iPhone and adroid apps, and launched a single sign-on to log in to mobile applications. The company says that 200m people around the world are now actively using Facebook from a phone, more than triple the number a year ago.

The iPhone update (V3.3) includes the launch of Facebook Groups, while the Android update (V1.4) includes the launch of Groups and Facebook Places, plus a refresh for the notifications application. In the US, the iPhone update also offers nearby deals from restaurants and retailers.

The single sign-on makes it easier for Facebook users to log in into other applications on their mobile when they are logged in to Facebook. Once logged in to the Facebook app, users can  log in to any other app on the phone that supports single sign on without typing a username or password again. Facebook says that sinngle sign-on unlocks the potential for developers to build great social apps.

Facebook has also announced updates to Places, its location-sharing service. Users can now add photos when they check in. Places also now includes a starred friends list, making it easier and quicker to tag friends with whom you frequently check in.