Facebook further expands security for political staff ahead of US midterms

Tyrone Stewart

FacebookWith the US midterm elections fast approaching, Facebook is continuing to put more tools in place to ensure there is no outside interference as there was during the 2016 US presidential election. This time, it has introduced tools to offer extra protection to candidates and campaign staff who may be susceptible to being targeted by both domestic and foreign hackers.

The pilot program will expand the existing protections Facebook has put in place for those associated with US political campaigns. It will enable federal and state-wide candidates, as well as staff members and representatives, to add additional security protections – including two-factor authentication – to their pages and accounts by applying for the program at Once enrolled, users will be able to add others from their campaign or committee.

Facebook says it will use what it learns from this midterm election pilot and apply it to other elections in the US and around the world, but it hopes that participants in the pilot don’t have any reason to use the expanded protections.