Facebooks Hello App is a Social Phonebook

FB HelloFacebook has launched its latest standalone app, Hello, which leverages Facebook data to, essentially, provide caller ID for numbers the user doesnt have saved on their phone.

This stretches beyond just the callers name, to include other Facebook details such as their current job, number of mutual friends with the user and whether its their birthday. Vitally, though, the caller needs to have already opted to share this information with the recipient via Facebook.

Its also possible to search for peoples contact details – again, as long as they share this information on Facebook – or for businesses, to see the kind of details usually available on companys Facebook pages, including opening hours, reviews and number of likes.

The app was developed by the companys Messenger team, and thus it ties in with that apps functionality, offering free OTT messaging and VOIP calls.

Possibly the most attractive feature of Hello, though, is the ability to block calls. Users can choose to ignore either specific numbers or, automatically, any numbers which are commonly blocked by other users. This wont reject the call entirely, but will send the caller directly to voicemail.

Facebook describes the Hello launch as a test, with its rollout limited to Android initially.