FaceM Offers Free Mobile Data

Effortel, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and enabler, has launched its FreeM service for  Polish MVNO, InMobile. FreeM is a subscription-free, ad-funded service that provides consumers with free mobile data access.
Aimed at the 15-25 year olds, FreeM initially presents users accessing a social networking site on their mobile with short, full screen ads. In return, their accounts are credited with a half-megabyte data traffic allowance, equivalent to approximately 30 reloads of the mobile version of Facebook. Access is available even when the user’s account balance is zero and no compulsory top-ups are required. At launch, the free access applies to a range of social networking, web and messaging platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk.
“FreeM is Effortel’s third MVNO launch in Poland, its eighth in total and the project was delivered within two months,” says Effortel founder and CEO, Arkadi Panitch. Like all groundbreaking developments in the mobile sector, FreeM was a challenge to implement, but it delivers an innovative new model for funding mobile data access.”
The FreeM service is being marketed via Facebook and is available on any phone with a web browser and the ability to transfer data. Telephone calls, text messages and data access outside of the ad-funded service are subject to top-up fees as part of a standard pay as you go package.