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Factual releases SDK to bring location data and AI to mobile apps

Tyrone Stewart

FactualLocation data provider Factual has released a mobile software development kit (SDK) to enable developers to incorporate location data and intelligence into mobile apps.

The SDK, called ‘Engine’, is aimed at increasing user engagement, building personalised interactions, and better understanding users. It combines Factual’s Global Places data with on-device location information and behaviour patterns to help developers understand the right time to engage users by using machine learning. The AI takes into account business operating hours, device usage patterns, speed and direction of travel to determine the specific circumstance of a user.

“The bar for smart and intelligent apps is rising exponentially, and developers demand solutions that help them provide personalized, effortless experiences to end users,” said Gil Elbaz, founder and CEO of Factual. “Engine is uniquely able to understand a device's exact location and movement, and using that location intelligence, design customized outcomes for users.”

Engine, which is available for both Android and iOS, can be integrated with analytics and marketing platforms including Mixpanel, Oracle Responsys and Segment. Factual says it will add more partners soon.

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