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Factual Launches Self-serve Tools for Proximity Designer and Audience Builder

David Murphy

[caption id="attachment_48356" align="alignleft" width="150"]Supermarket  shelves shopper FMCG retail Factual's platform can target people who visit a particular retailer's stores, or those of a competitor[/caption]

Location platform Factual has launched Geopulse Proximity Designer and Geopulse Audience Builder self-serve tools designed to enable mobile marketers to create their own campaigns, using geofencing or location-based audiences, using Geopulse’s Proximity and Audience solutions.

Geopulse Proximity Designer enables marketers to design geofenced ad campaigns by selecting their targeted places and setting their desired radius. The underlying data comes from our Factual’s Global Places data, which covers over 65m businesses and other points of interest in 50 countries, in 29 languages, with 467 categories.

This data drives the search functionality, enabling users to select places by any combination of business name, merchant chain, category, or geography. Users can also specify any radius or combination of radii, and design advanced targeting that differentiates between, say, targeting their own store, targeting competitors’ stores, and targeting locations that are close to those of their competitors.

Geopulse Audience Builder enables marketers to build their ideal audience, using data from the Factual Geopuls Audience Builder solution, which builds user profiles by analyzing where they spend time and the places they visit. It then assigns each user to a series of audience segments that covers geography, demographics, behaviour, and brand affinity.

So an airline, for example, could build one audience of business travellers who live in LA and spend time in New York to promote one type of service, and build another audience of leisure travellers who live in the Northeast and visit the Caribbean, to promote another. Similarly, retailers can build separate audiences of consumers who frequent their stores, consumers who frequent their competitors’ stores, and consumers who frequent both.

Ad companies using Factual’s tools include StrikeAd, Turn, Juice Mobile, and trading desks such as Cadreon, and Horizon (HX).