Factual Places Location Segmenting Tools in Marketers Hands

factual tailored location segmentsLocation platform Factual has launched the latest enhancement to its Geopulse Audience tool, Tailored Location Segments, which allows marketers to create completely custom audience segments based on any variety of factors.

The company analyses users historical location data and then enables marketers to use it in a variety of ways, combining other elements like brand affinity, demographic and behavioural data for superior targeting.

With Tailored Location Segments, the company moves away from the traditional model of providing advertisers with pre-defined audiences in a picklist and instead enables marketers to craft their targeting to the best fit for their ideal campaign.

“In advertising, especially as we move towards programmatic, theres a tension between giving people power and flexibility with data, and letting them do it in a self-serve manner,” said Vikas Gupta, director of operations at Factual. “We want to eliminate that split, and let advertisers build the audience that makes the most sense for them.”

Factual boasts high quality place data, with information on over 65m locations in 50 countries available, and the Tailored Location Segments tool will be available to use in both programmatic and direct sales environments through the firms media partners, which include InMobi and StrikeAd.

“The level of customisation available through Factuals Tailored Location Segments is what really stands out from the other location based audience offering in the marketplace,” said Alex Rahaman, CEO of StrikeAd. “Marketers are now truly able to build the audience they want to reach, based on physical real world consumer behaviours.”